Edward Dwurnik

Catalog of works

This website is a digital catalog of all the works of Polish visual artist Edward Dwurnik (1943-2018). Ultimately, the archive will consist of over 8,000 works on canvas and about 20,000 works on paper.
The Edward Dwurnik Foundation invites you to contribute to the archive of the artist's legacy.

Edward Dwurnik 1974, photo by Teresa Gierzyńska

I am not interested in such trivial concepts as "source of inspiration", "fascinations", "self-reflection" - I just live, ie I get up in the morning, wash myself, eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, sleep at night. Between these very important activities, I paint pictures, draw drawings, and make graphic arts: etching, woodcut, lithography. I paint very large, small and even smaller pictures. I try to make the paintings beautiful, graphics clean, drawings simple. Whether what I do has value depends on my sensitivity to the world around me and my talent.

Edward Dwurnik, 27 january 1992

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